We know you have this dream of being the kind of person that exudes tranquility and draws people to you.
You find it hard to get past the “Gahhhhh”.
Did you know that “Gahhhhh” is a real phenomenon? Here are the top 5 symptoms:

1. Appearing confident but actually you are terrified you will fail.

2. Waiting for your ideal client (in the bush).

3. Getting physically stuck inside your own brain (sometimes for days, or in really serious cases for weeks).

4. Wanting to follow through on the barely existent plan, but then realising the plan was barely existent.

5. Speaking to strangers in the big wide world, especially when said stranger might pay money to you, in exchange for the exchange.

Smart Chicks has your back.
We are here to help you get out of the bushes (of your business!) and be the consistent, confident and connected business woman you know you are.
Beyond the “Gahhhhh”


  • GOOTB: Get out of the bushes
  • Consistency, Confidence, Connection & Celebration: The four fundamental areas the simple weekly tasks focus on.
  • Peer AccountabilityThe culture of the membership is to cheer each other on and celebrate wins.
  • Monthly Business Workshop: Learn from global business experts live via webinar
  • Monthly “Smart Chicks Lab”: Apply for your business to go under the microscope with expert 1:1 business coaching that is live streamed to the entire Smart Chicks community
  • BlogApple to have your blog featured on the Smart Chicks Website
  • Global Business DirectoryYour business listed and on tap to the Smart Chicks community globally
  • Member only areas: Member only portal with 24/7 access to all Business Workshop archives & Smart Chicks Membership Closed Facebook Community.
  • #TribeNVibe: Local business catchups with authentic likeminded business women
  • Free ResourcesFreebies to help you be consistent, confident and connected.
  • Exclusive savings: Smart Chicks discounts for kick arse courses and products
  • Smart Chicks CoterieA thriving FB community full of authentic connection and genuine word of mouth referrals
  • Apply to partner with Smart Chicks and run #TribeNVibe business catchups locally
  • This membership is monthly recurring. For full membership terms click here.

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Definition of Coterie: (n) a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.

Courts and Kirsty created Smart Chicks when they found that there was a lack of networking opportunities that enabled quality relationships and genuine word of mouth referrals.

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