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The Recovering Perfectionist Podcast with Claire Barton

Ep 18 – Real Authentic w/ – Courts Lippett  – You know how EVERYONE is using the word ‘authentic’ these days, but most of the time, that’s code for ‘I put on full makeup, did my hair, got dressed, styled my background and placed a crumb on my desk to mess the scene up so I could take this “authentic” selfie’? Yeah… not this chick. Courts Lippett’s personal brand is ‘Daggily Authentic’ and she lives and breathes this in her personal and business life.

The Entrepreneurs Globally Unite Podcast with Michelle Reinhardt

E22 is Live. “Authentic Connections” Imagine having all the resources, support, mentoring and guidance you need to develop and grow into your highest version of yourself and impact the world just like you came here to do! 

Law of effortlessness podcast with Shannon Bush

Episode 26 – Shannon Bush talks to Smart Chicks, Courts Lippett and Kirsty Bonner about authentic business and doing business the Smart Chicks way. They discuss the evolution of Smart Chicks as a brand and how it all came about with each of these inspiring women sharing a little about their personal business stories before partnering together and branding themselves as the Smart Chicks.

Ep 28 Kirsty Bonner Build the tribe you need w/ Kirsty Bonner

Kirsty has as diverse a background as the functions she now performs in her life and beautiful business partnership, Smart Chicks. From raising children, starting and selling franchises, marketing, athletics, international travel and more, this woman is as grounded and authentic as it gets! I love chatting to her, working alongside her as an affiliate ‘Collector’ for monthly networking events in Brisbane and following her every move.

Tipping Point Consulting interview with Courts Lippett and Kirsty Bonner: Smart Chicks

Tipping Point Consultant Interview with Ambitious Mamas: Courts Lippett and Kirsty Bonner from Smart Chicks

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